Why Bamboo Is One of the Best Building Materials

Long before the recent environmentally conscious movement, bamboo has been a powerful and respectable building material. It is able to hold impressive weights and is also known for being fairly lightweight itself. While the Western world has only recently begun to look to bamboo as a building tool, many countries have used the material for centuries. There are many benefits that come with using bamboo.

  • It is flexible
  • It can easily be moulded
  • It supports weight well
  • It is lightweight
  • It is just as strong as other traditional building materials (for example, concrete and steel)

Why Use Bamboo?

In addition to being visually aesthetic and pleasing, bamboo has many environmental benefits as well. Bamboo is a great material for building because of how flexible and easy to manage it is. Not only can it be used for support and reinforcement, it can also be moulded into certain shapes to fit building needs while maintaining its strength.

Bamboo is impressively strong. Some types of bamboo have the same strength as steel and others have two times the compression ratio of concrete. These unique factors make it easy to incorporate the material into building, unlike other sustainable building materials.

Additionally, bamboo is able to withstand an impressive amount of force. Studies have shown that houses made of bamboo are able to withstand winds of up to 170 miles per hour! This means that bamboo is much more effective than some of our traditional building materials.

Bamboo Grows Quickly

In addition to being so powerful and durable, bamboo is known for its quick growth spurts. While other types of wood and plant based materials could take years to form the necessary size and build, some bamboo species can grow up to 96 inches in 24 hours. This means it is fairly easy to replace any bamboo that is harvested and also makes it ideal for large construction projects.

Bamboo Has Impressive Longevity

In addition to being strong, durable, and easily replenishable, bamboo is known to have an impressive lifespan once installed. When used in the home for surfaces such as floors and countertops, bamboo only needs to be sanded down every 10 to 15 years. Additionally, it can handle multiple touch ups, making it a lifetime investment.

Bamboo flooring is also fairly easy to install. If you need an addition on your home or you want your interior updated, look into bamboo floors in Perth.

Protect Your Bamboo Investment

While bamboo appears to be a clear advantage in the construction world, there are a few things that need to be taken into account. The first is that bamboo must be protected from the elements. While bamboo is a very durable material, if it becomes wet, it is prone to deteriorate more rapidly. While this is fairly easy to avoid, it means that bamboo is not the best choice for every building project.

The second factor that should be acknowledged is that bamboo structures can’t be built as high as a skyscraper. While there are many other uses that this material can be incorporated into, multi-level buildings are not among the recommended options.

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